Anchor Diaries: Empire

It’s one of those Mondays, a good Monday where everybody is up in the house including two of the stars of THE hottest show on tv right now, Empire. Tom and Jay Anthony Brown are in the building broadcasting. They spent the weekend in Miami after their live broadcast, Friday in the Improv at the  Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Jay leaves his studio to go check out Hakeem and Jamal on the Rickey Smiley show and he can’t believe Hakeem and Jamal know his work.

Brian, producer of the D.J.Laz morning show gives me the biggest laugh of the day. I escorted Casey and Timolyn Cole to the studio for their interview.  Brian is looking right past them, asking, okay, “where is Timbaland? Timolyn looks at Casey and says, oh, I can see where that would happen. Casey’s still in the dark – what’s happening… who is Timbaland?

As we walk away Casey’s still asking what, who is Timbaland?

Timolyn will explain it. I’ve gotta get back upstairs, do my 8:55 broadcast and get back to the 99 Jamz Studio for the photo op with Hakeem and Jamal.

The photo op with Hakeem and Jamal goes better than expected. I actually have a chance to talk with Jussie. I ask him if he’s ready for the sudden vortex of fame.  “Yes, I’ve been around this for a long time. I’m 31 years old. My feet are on the ground. When I was 16 to 19 I was my sister’s publicist. This is not my first time at the rodeo. This is just my first time being in the center of it. When I asked if he’s prepared though, for the glare of the spotlight, the relentless and repetitive nature of reporters’ and the insatiable thirst for information about his private life, (which we both agree has nothing at all to do with the craft of acting) he is so open and honest other people in the hallway stop in their tracks to hear us talking. “Why does anyone care where I put my penis”? Jamal is never asked if he likes dating older women, Dre is never asked if he’s bi-polar. I thought going on Ellen would help – so I could say it once and get it out there.

Alas, a rep tells us, I’m sorry but we have to go. I hate to break this up, I can tell you two are…. Jussie gives me his publicist name, tells me he’ll be glad to follow up.