Davetta Daniels

Dedicated Educator, Davetta Daniels named President of the Houston-Harris County Retired Teachers, Association, Inc.

HHCRTA was formed in 1951 under the late Mr. William Leonard Davis and six other retired teachers. HHCRTA, joined the Texas Retired Teachers Assn. in 1967 with the mission of supporting the state and national retired teachers associations in legislative efforts for the improvement of all retirees ability to establish and maintain support with young people in the community, and to make learning a lifetime venture.

Dr. Daniels is dedicated to finding solutions to issues affecting our schools, i.e., bullying, technical trades, curriculum, as well as to addressing controversial topics, i.e. Apollo, school closures and private prisons. Dr. Daniels objectives whil in office are: 1) inspire a new generation to become educators, 2) to increase membership, by attracting recent retirees, and at tracting members who do not participate to do so, 3) increase and promote organization by appearing on media stations talking about issues local, state and national, and lobby for pay inreases, benefits at the state with legislators. Lobbying efforts with retired teachers across the state last summer resulting in a 3 percent raise for teachers who retired on or before 2004. For info, contact (832) 245-7866.

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