Combating Health Disparities and providing true care for your family.

Here it is, a quick overview of the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) also known as ObamaCare (and a few other names that we can’t call here). Parts of the reform are already in effect, and the rest continue to roll out until 2022.

What Does the Affordable Hhealthcare Act Do?
AHCA reforms and regulates insurance companies and health care standards but doesn’t control your health care, which is still bought by you via a private insurer. AHCA lowers what 98% of Americans’ pay for taxes, decreases the deficit and improves government-run health care programs like Medicare by cutting out wasteful spending. AHCA also expands Medicaid to cover 17 million uninsured seniors and low-income individuals.

are you covered?
Those who aren’t covered under Medicaid or Medicare will have the option to buy private insurance, obtain insurance through the workplace, pay a small tax to not have health insurance or to buy private insurance through the AHCA exchanges. The AHCA exchanges are an online marketplace where health insurance companies compete to be your provider.

Who Can Get insurance Americans above the poverty level who buy insurance on the exchange will qualify for up-front cost savings, subsidies, and/or tax breaks. This ensures that everyone can buy quality affordable health insurance.

business Both employers and health insurance companies greatly benefit from the reform. Overall, the small businesses, especially the “mom-and-pops,” will have better access to cheaper healthcare for themselves and for their employees. If they do decide to provide insurance for their employees, they will receive generous tax breaks.

seniors By cutting the $716 billion of wasteful spending from Medicare and by closing the donut hole, the money is reinvested to improve coverage and to insure tens of millions more seniors. Medicaid insures 17 million more seniors.

Protections AHCA provides protections for women, including
• better access to preventive services, • expands coverage,
• ensures people can’t be denied for preexisting conditions,
• stops insurance companies from dropping clients when they are sick,
• regulates insurance premium hikes for profit and
• improves the health care
industry as a whole.
Doctors and hospitals agree (minus political spite), they
want to keep AHCA, in fact
they have already started re-working the health care
system, repealing AHCA now would cost them billions.


Obama Care saves millions of lives, trillions of dollars and gives the American worker more freedom by not being dependent on their employers or insurance companies for care. Health care is now in your hands. The government just makes sure you get a fair shake and the insurance companies play by the rules.

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