Mother of Atomic Energy Creates Atoms for Peace and Transforms History

Sameera Moussa was an Egyptian nuclear scientist who held a doctorate in atomic radiation and worked to make the medical use of nuclear technology affordable to all. She organized the “Atomic Energy for Peace” Conferences and sponsored a call to many prominent scientist, for setting an international conference under the banner “Atoms for Peace”. The conference made a number of recommendations for setting up a committee to protect against nuclear hazards for which she strongly advocated. Sameera also volunteered to help treat cancer patients at various hospitals especially since her mother went through a fierce battle against this disease.

Sameera Moussa believed in “Atoms for Peace” and said “I’ll make nuclear treatment as available and as cheap as Aspirin.” She worked hard for this purpose, and throughout her intensive research, she came up with a historic equation that would help break the atoms of cheap metals such as copper, paving the way for cheap nuclear energy.

She turned down several offers that required her to live in the United States and to be granted the American citizenship saying “Egypt, my dear homeland, is waiting for me.” On August 5, 1952 after her first visit to America she intended to return home, but she was invited to a trip. Sadly, on the way, the car rushed down from a height of 40 feet, which killed her immediately; yet her legacy and contribution to world will live forever.

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