Money Matter

Before President Obama, the American economy was losing 800,000 jobs a month. Now, you can take ’Hope’ to the bank.

It seems so far away, but only 48 months ago, the entire planet was in economic despair. There seemed no way out. Yet, here we are–not perfect– but making progress.

MOVING FORWARD In spite of opposition by elected officials, Presi- dent Obama is dedicated to securing the American dream, strengthening the middle class and achieving the following:
1 Building an economy that creates more good paying jobs in the fast-growing industries for hard-work- ing Americans.
2 Providing a quality education that doesn’t break the bank and that gives Americans the skills they need for the jobs that are in-demand.
3 Protecting the opportunity of owning a home—and building a housing finance system that provides a solid founda- tion for this dream.
4 Protecting retirement savings, making it easier for Americans to put money away for when they need it.
5 Ensuring affordable health insurance that fits Americans’ budgets and is accessible when they get sick.
6 Growing the opportunities for upward mobility so that hard work pays off for everyone.

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