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Renowned global fashion designer Renée Greenstein

Renée designs clothing for every woman based on her belief style is not about size, it’s about attitude.

Renee Greenstein, entrepreneur, fashion designer, mega successful global presence on QVC, US, UK and Japan. Renee has taken a circuitous path to entrepreneurship and fashion, each step paving the way for the next. Renee says, “if you have a vision, don’t ever give it up”. It’s sage advice from a brilliant and successful businesswoman.

Since she first appeared on QVC, Renée and her company, Two Chicks in the Backroom Inc. were the recipients of the 2011 Q Star Award for QVC

Although her path appears roundabout, each step paved the way for the next. Her faith, foundation in theology belief in herself and dream must have certainly provided the fortitude required to navigate the often treacherous side of the fashion industry. Renee has staying power and a powerful message embedded in the name of her eponymous fashion line, “Attitudes By Renee”.

Many experts have long encouraged those with strong faith to consider creative avenues for theological work — and although, fashion may not seem like the Lord’s work, Renee’s creative designs are a blessing to thousands of women.

How does one go from an all girl Catholic College in Canada to New York City? Renee did it by following her dream. The early years included a series of jobs with stints at Bradley Furs, the dress firm, Act One and California Explosion where she worked as both a fit model and a sales trainee. Renee, a quick study rapidly progressed from trainee to top seller. In addition to her global presence on QVC, Renee has a powerful presence on social media. Through her “Wardrobe Warriors” Facebook page, Renee connects with her customers, sharing fashion advice, encouragement and inspiration. She’s very present and you literally have access with Renee. She or one of the members of her fabulous team at “Two Chicks in the Backroom” will respond. The name is no accident, chosen because she was literally working out of a backroom and realized it would be a clever name for her company. The name Wardrobe Warriors is just as clever. The work is genius!

One Saturday morning my husband, as usual, has control of the remote and constantly channel surfing when I see the most beautiful blonde on tv. It’s Renee! She’s gorgeous magnetic and charming and she’s selling her OWN line. I’m saddened I wasn’t aware of her work – and thrilled to finally arrive at Renee’s party. It’s all about her lines, “Attitudes By Renee and Women with Control”. Come to the party. The clothes are beautiful, wearable and Renee says her partnership with QVC makes them affordable. Renee is delivering on her promise to make clothing for ALL women, based on her belief, style is not about size it’s about attitude.

Don’t miss Renee this weekend, on QVC

Saturday, September 14th, 

4 to 5AM with Ashley Thayer for “Women With Control” and “Attitudes By Renee”. 

From 7 to 10AM she’ll join Renee on AM Style

6-7PM join Renee and Ashley for Women With Control and Attitudes by Renee

Sunday, September 15th

Join Renee on AM Style with Leah Williams.  7 – 10AM

This weekend I’ll have control of the remote and I WILL be at Renee’s party.

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