The Hawthorne Effect

Kim Hawthorne

“My hustle is strong”! This is Kim’s answer to my query about her various business ventures, “The Regal Wrap”, beautiful pre-tied head wraps featured in “Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things” and her “Papparazzi $5 dollar Bling Fling”. You read correctly, $5 dollar jewelry. “Women love jewelry and not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money every time they want something new”. The jewelry and the business is legit. She is looking for team members. Check her out at #thekimhawthorne.

Hawthorne is best known for her role as Kerissa Greenleaf on the OWN hit show, ‘Greenleaf’. Millions watch it every week! It’s now in Season 4 and it’s moved from Wednesday to Tuesday nights at 10PM. 

Hawthorne an incredibly talented hyphenate; actress/singer. So far, her singing skills haven’t been pressed into service on the show, our loss.  She’s got serious training and chops. She recently sang, “Wind Beneath My Wings” during an appearance at the ‘Women of Color Empowerment Conference’ in Fort Lauderdale. Hawthorne dedicated the song to her manager, Angie Dixie, who was moved to tears along with many other women who’ve been able to soar because of heroic, hard working women like Dixie.

Clearly Hawthorne is a hard worker as well and she has staying power. My husband has been a fan of Kim’s for I-can’t-tell-you-how-long, vividly remembering her guest appearances on “In the Heat of the Night” – one in particular – as Faith Todd, the illegitimate daughter of a white man in Sparta. Kim is astounded he remembers. “That was one of my first roles. They put a whole lot of really light makeup on me. What’s your husband’s name – and right there, on spot she makes him a video.

During the conference, Kim is part of a panel titled: “Girlfriends Rising Together”, along with comedienne Cocoa Brown and actress, Golden Brooks best known for her work on the television series. 

Kim is serene, she is elegant, clearly talent, entrepreneurial and fiscally sound, “The first thing I did when I got ‘Greenleaf was buy a house. I didn’t want to spend money renting. Now some people are telling me they wished they’d bought a house too”.

There’s a real phenomenon known as the ‘Hawthorne Effect’, where people change their behavior when they know they’re being observed. In most instances, they work harder and perform better. Kim was born with the “Hawthorne Effect”, working harder and performing better whether she’s watched by millions on television or viewed by a smaller audience in her successful online business ventures. 

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