Top 10: Best Paying Jobs in Dubai

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Ever wondered what the best paying jobs are in Dubai? Well, you may be surprised. See your options with our Top 10 list of the Best Paying Jobs in Dubai along with the jobs salaries and descriptions.


 YOLO! Experience the most extraordinary destinations and unexpected lifestyle options on the globe!Stock Market

AED 110,000 monthly,
AED 1,320,000 annually
A stock Market Dealer/Trader buys and sells bonds, shares and a range of other assets on behalf of investors. They use what they have learnt and experience to judge shares based on the information they can dig up. They then select investments with the highest profits based on the clients desired risk rate..

Investment Adviser/Consultant
AED 100,000 monthly
AED 1.2 million annually
Responsibilities could include pension advice, offshore banking, investment advice, saving accounts, health insurance, mortgages, employee benefits and wealth management.

Public Relations Managing Director
AED 85,000 – 100,000 monthly, AED 1,020,000 – 1.2 million annually
Identify client groups and determine communication, write effective and interesting press releases, grow and maintain a company’s positive image and brand, and manage special events.

Engineering Managing Director
AED 95,000 monthly, that’s AED 1,140,000 annually
Confers with management, marketing and production staff to discuss a project’s procedures and specifications. Coordinates and directs projects, analyzes technology, reviews and approves designs, recruits employees and plans, installs, tests, operates, maintains and repairs facilities and equipment.

Investment Analyst
AED 85,000 monthly, AED 1,020,000 annually
Provides research information and investment ideas and opportunities to the fund managers.
Private Banker
AED 80,000 monthly
AED 960,000 annually
Providing a range of services to clients like giving advice about accounts, resolving complaints, assessing issues and solving problems.

Construction Director
80,000 monthly
960,000 annually
Coordination, budgeting and planning of a range of construction projects including residential, industrial and/or commercial sectors.

Technical General Manager
AED 75,000 monthly
AED 900,000 annually
Provides technical direction for design and systems integration to large companies. in the areas of tech trends and client software integration.

Procurement Specialist
AED 75,000 monthly
AED 900,000 annually
(Gas, Oil & Engineering) Responsible for purchasing all commodities, services, constructions, maintenance and vendor databases. Independent, very good judgement and problem solving skills are required.

Supply Chain
AED 75,000 monthly
AED 900,000 annually
(Gas, Oil & Engineering) Organizing the responsibilities involved with the acquisition, identification, production and distribution of the goods that the company provides to its clients.

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