Validity Media Group Welcomes Commodore Independent Filmworks

[WASHINGTON, DC — June 28, 2024] – Validity Media Group Inc, a public relations agency representing an impactful roster of talent nationwide, is excited to announce the addition of an esteemed film production company, Commodore Independent Filmworks, LLC  to its roster.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Maryland, Commodore Independent Filmworks (CIF) is a film production company that produces compelling, high-quality films; highlighting settings and talent from local to A-listers, while appealing to a global audience. With focus on diverse storytelling and stunning production techniques, CIF is poised for greater recognition in the film industry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Commodore Independent Filmworks” said Alecia Jones, Principal of Validity Media  Group Inc. “Their vision and commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to elevate and promote outstanding innovative and impactful talent by crafting strategic public relations campaigns. We are likewise, honored with the opportunity to become a voice for the company and eagerly look to support Anthony Commodore, its Award-Winning CEO, in reaching new heights and achieving goals to include creating new distribution channels for CIF films.”

Validity Media Group provides public relations and business development services and one-on-one strategies to a respected and impactful roster of talent, nationwide. The agency will provide CIF with a comprehensive range of services, including media relations, film activation, and other roles in film production that advances film distribution goals. Leveraging its industry experience and building on its growing network of elected officials and senior-level entertainment executives, Validity Media Group will frame and execute tailored public relations strategies designed to build CIF’s brand and enhance its visibility in the market. 

“We have watched this agency for a year and chose them because of their proven track record, recommendation from talent and their deep relationships, not only in public relations, but we see this agency’s keenness and value beyond public relations” said Anthony Commodore. We are confident that their expertise, work ethics and evolution deeper into the entertainment industry will help to connect us with greater purpose, greater opportunities and with audiences around the world.”

The first project under this Agreement is a new feature pilot written and produced by Commodore, now ready for distribution, “Mercy Rd.” It is a faith-based drama series. It stars Fred Hammond (Gospel Legend), Julian Brittano (Lead Actor, Co-Producer, and former co-star to Oprah Winfrey in OWN’s hit series “Greenleaf”) and Jordan Babbs (Actor/Singer and daughter of R&B Singer Durrell “Tank” Babbs). The pilot’s cast, mostly Marylanders, and its Baltimore venue, were chosen with intent to boost Maryland’s economy and its creative arts and entertainment scene [The Baltimore Times]. The one-time screening of the pilot of “Mercy Rd.” was its proof of concept attended by a who’s who in Hollywood Taji Magazine shared. 

This year, audiences can look forward to major big screen projects production-assisted by Commodore. Next year, a slate of projects, including a series of feature films written by Commodore, and a host of other films, will tug on the warmth and humanity of broader audiences. They challenge Commodore to explore darker content.  CIF is credited as an Associate Producer for several Paramount-BET 2023 and 2024 productions. 

Notably, Anthony Commodore is a distinguished member of The Writers Guild of America and as of 2024, The Producers Guild of America, also.

To learn more about Commodore Independent Filmworks and its projects, visit Commodore’s IMDb credentials at and


Alecia Jones

Phone: (301) 741-7040

Email: aleciaj(@)validitymediagroup(dot)com 

About Commodore Independent Filmworks LLC (CIF) – 

With excellence at the helm of its core values, Commodore Independent Filmworks, LLC (CIF) (est 2017) is led by Award-Winning Executive Producer Anthony E. Commodore, CEO, a Maryland-native who is motivated by passion and innovation across a wide range of productions. His film production company is leading the charge among the industry’s elite providing the highest production quality and experience from conception to completion by making his customer’s needs the number one priority. Commodore is most proud of the film “Undeniable” – The Tray Chaney Story (2019) which was awarded Best Documentary, Best Sound, Best Editor and Best Actor while featured on the film festival circuit.

Commodore’s industry credentials include Associate Producer on Paramount/BET’s “So Fly Christmas” (2023) and “One Night Stay” (2024) and likewise Producer on such features as “Liam White” (2021) airing on ROKU, and Director of Photography on the documentary “Finding Kendrick Johnson” (2021) airing on STARZ. 

In 2021, CIF was awarded two screenplay competition awards for the feature, “Her Defense.” From stage play writing, to the rebranding of his first production company, MalaCom Production (2012) to CIF, the multi-faceted company has extensively written, produced and directed to expand its repertoire of loglines, synopsis’, treatments and scripts. Commodore Independent Filmworks is championing an initiative that expands workforce and economic development for Maryland while advancing the Mid-Atlantic film industry. Commodore’s professional membership includes, both, The Writers Guild of America and The Producers Guild Of America. 


Validity Media Group is a public relations agency representing an impactful roster of talent nationwide. It is dedicated to providing strategic business-building services to include public relations, and processes that drive visibility, growth, and goal-oriented brand success.  The agency is evolving to become a multi-faceted source for its clients and for global media. 


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