Summer Solstice Pt. 1: The Moon Child Season

by iiiYansaje T. Muse 


Mojuba Amoka!

the spirit of 

The Sun

The still force 

that stimulates axis

 all other planets orbit

round and round…

The Sun 

creates spirals in stillness, 

orbiting round no one.

charging all from distant quasars

and from deep within Earth’s core.

A poetic ode to The Sun

*** Mojuba Amoka***means

We give thanks to the Spirit of the Sun.”

I like to think of changing seasons as scene changes in life’s stage play. Summer Solstice is one of four of Mother Nature’s set scenery shifts. The word solstice derives from the Latin word “solstitium,” with sol meaning “sun” and “sistere” meaning “to be still”.

 It’s Summer Solstice! Break out the grills, ice chests, loud music, and let the good times roll! It’s interesting that during this season, children are released from school so that they can charge during summer break. This so they will be both well charged and well rested, ready for learning when school starts in the fall.

 Summer Solstice is a universally allotted time to go within for restoration and deeper clarity.  This is why so many summer vacations are had. They are times of retreat, self enjoyment and reflection. Summer Solstice is a fermenting space between Spring Equinox’s essence of rebirth and Autumn Equinox’s harvest energy.

 At the start of Summer Solstice, we come out of Gemini season’s thinktank energy, and into balancing our emotional selves through nurture! Energetically, we take the intellect of our dualities (Gemini Energy), and connect the mind to our emotions (Cancerian Energy)!  It’s an energetic shift of focus from the head to the heart. 

The spirit of the sun turns up the heat this season, for divine reasons. As we all know, heat expands many things, including our body’s pores…opening them wide to dump out what isn’t needed. 

 In this season, the Sun sits still, and lengthens His days so we can bask in it the heat longer. 

The lengthiness of the sun invokes us to sweat.

 That sweat invokes detox, physical and spiritual. 

That detox invokes purification. 

That purification calls us to hydrate. 

That hydration creates replenishment!

That replenish makes us radiate! 

So this summer, take advantage of nature’s sauna! Detox what is old through sweat, while drinking new manifestations in hydration!  Summer Solstice invites us to let our inner suns rise from within, in all of the various ways we recharge! 

Summer Solstice Channeled  Songs:

Summer Madness – Kool and the Gang

Summertime – Billie  Holiday

Summertime – Will Smith

This year, Summer Solstice comes on a full moon in Sagittarius, already calling us to aim high, and expand in Jupiter’s essence! Full moons raise emotional tides the highest, and the first sign of summer solstice is the Moon season of Cancerians! The first thing the Sun’s stillness arouses is the Moon! 

In the Western way of the stars,  summer solstice begins in the cardinal water sign of the Moon children.  This is the 4thhouse of the zodiac, and the earth moves on fours. This  is a very foundational season!  Cardinal signs in the western astrology system end one season and begin the next. This planetary alignment echoes the alignment from the 12 Figures of African Spirituality. This zodiac system predates the standard western one. In this system, summer begins in the water sign of The Ancestor.  In both systems, summer begins in moon ruled water, and water is the divinely feminine element that births, nurtures, cleanses, purifies, and replenishes all!  

Internally, this season takes us inside of our emotions while cooling the summer heat…inside and out.

Because of this, some of you may experience sudden surges in emotion, in areas you may have thought  were resolved.  It is ok if this happens. The Universe is only calling an area of your being to your attention that needs more balance, healing, and release. So…let’s connect with ALL the waterworks, shall we? Ways to do this include:

  • Crying as often as needed.

  • Journaling and releasing negative emotions.

  • Rejoicing and amplifying positive emotions!

  • Purging through Sweat. 

  • Treating yourself to hydrotherapy from your home shower.

  • Swimming.

  • Surfing

  • Kayaking.

  • Fancifying  your liquids and hydrate!

  • Visiting ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans!

  • Feeding and spending time with water creatures ducks, turtles, sea gulls, etc

  • If you live the Ifa/Orisa life, make offerings to Yemonja, and honor Osupa, 

  • the Ifa/Orisa spirit of the moon!

To deeper connect with Moon Child energy no matter what your sun sign is, study the placements of the moon, the 4thhouse, and the placements Cancerian energy in your natal chart. Also, make sure that you show the Cancerian Moon children in your life some love as they turn up in their season! We are in this watery space from June 21stuntil July 21st.At that time, the cardinal water gives way to fixed fire, and the climatic point of summer Solstice. Leo season. Here’s where I save the cosmic juice for the Summer Solstice article part 2: Season of the Royal Cat people! 

Should you need assistance in understanding how your inner moonchild connects to your overall being, then book a video reading session via the link at the bottom of this article, or call 314.200.0368 between the hours of 1pmand 7pm CST. The rate is $2.22/min. As always, beam up (tune in) to222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio for more where this came from, infused in a 24/7 groove of old skool music and mystic teaching!

Ase in Love, 

iiiYansaje T. Muse


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