From a Brother’s Heart: A Love Letter to Black Women

Dear Beautiful Black Woman,

It’s your time. The time where all things are coming together. The time when the things you want to manifest will come to actuality. The desires you have long longed for are here. You are on the verge, the impetus of a wonderful waterfall of flow, synergy, synchronicity, and abundance. This overflow of soul will allow you to reach, teach, impact, and influence, becoming a powerful force for social change and order.

You are there, right on the brink of creating a life of your design—a life full of creativity, indulgence in the arts, and endeavors that soothe your soul and heart’s desire. You are the embodiment of strength and resilience, carrying the legacy of your ancestors with grace and dignity. Trust yourself and dig deep. Embrace deep focus, deep concentration, and deep commitment to yourself.

Put first things first. Build a tree of priorities with the main function at the roots, letting all other things branch off from there. You have what it takes to create a beautiful life—a beautiful life for a beautiful soul.

This life includes plenty of space and time for writing, poetry, drawing, painting, music, being in nature, and engaging in physical movement. Being with your children, nourishing them with your time, talent, and treasures, full of laughter, creating lasting moments, and imparting wisdom will make them fit for crowns and pillars in the community. You’ve crafted connections and created a wonderful name for yourself, a community where you are known as “Queen” because you have established yourself as your true essence, “Queen Mother.”

Walk in it, embrace it, and wear it, because you wear it well! It is your time!

With all my love and admiration,

The Black Man


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Written by Corey Joseph Ford

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