Building Bridges: TAPS Academy Unveils Inspiring Community Expo to Strengthen the Heart of Police-Community Connections 

The Teen And Police Service Academy (TAPS Academy) celebrate their Community Expo, a unique event aimed at enhancing the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

Understanding the vital role that community support plays in addressing mental, physical, and financial challenges that can often lead individuals into crime, will inevitably lead to safer communities and healthier people in those communities. Knowing this, TAPS Academy commitment to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the services available is vital. 

“We believe that when officers are familiar with the resources and services offered by non-profit organizations, they are better equipped to assist individuals facing difficulties and, in turn, contribute to reducing crime rates,”

 Kaela Talpacido, Community Expo Coordinator and Educational Specialist at TAPS Academy

Among the notable non-profits in attendance are The Montrose Center, The Children’s Assessment Center, Star Of Hope Mission, HISD Wraparound Services, Houston Food Bank – Kids Cafe, Center for the Healing of Racism, and more. 

This expo is an important step toward building a better connection between the police force and the community, ultimately contributing to crime reduction. TAPS Academy invites the media and the public to join in this transformative event. 

For more information about the Community Expo or TAPS Academy, please contact Tiffany Malone at 

About TAPS Academy: The Teen And Police Service Academy (TAPS Academy) is committed to building positive relationships between teenagers and law enforcement. Through educational curriculum, programs and events, TAPS Academy seeks to create mutual understanding, trust, and respect between the youth and the police force. 



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