Solel International Commissioned for Houston’s First Augmented Reality Mural

Solel International Commissioned for Houston's First Mural

Neighborhoods are looking to conceptualize their vision for the future as inclusive communities and cultural destinations. Solel international made his debut with his first large-scale Mural depicting the history of the historic independence Heights as the first municipality To be incorporated by African-Americans in Texas.

In 2018, Solel international made its debut with its first large-scale mural approximately 50 ft by 34 ft on the Whole Foods 365 building on the intersection of Yale and 610 freeway.

However, with neighbors with history as layered and as rich as theirs, a large-scale visual piece was not enough. Solel International took it a step further by helping to tell the story in the palm of your hands Using augmented reality thanks to its long-standing partnership with the Uncover Everything App.

To achieve this vision, Solel International went through a rigorous process through a call for Artists. We presented a visual representation for a sketch but also a demo of the augmented reality software we would incorporate with the mural. The project was led by Moorish-American artist Danny Asberry El, Craig Carter, Jajah, Jeff McCollum Campbell, the Uncover Everything App, ZinkNashly in partnership with Whole Foods 365, Charnele Brown actress from the renowned series “A Different World”, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

In the beginning, we just wanted to Create a 4-dimensional experience for the patrons of the Independence Heights area, but in hindsight-what, what the organization did not know is that history was made with this augmented reality mural.


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