Just Keep on Livin’

Life Seasons: Navigating Meaning, Purpose, and Global Unity

Life should feel meaningful and rewarding.

But how does a person manifest this vision and ensure that it’s sustainable through the various seasons of one’s life? How do you maintain inspiration in a time when the Nation that you call home is in such flux?

We hope that the curated collection of editorials in this special issue can serve as a guide for conversation and a step towards clarity, healing, and happiness, both individually and collectively.

Global Citizens

Increasingly, our purpose will need to center not just on our own individual needs, family and neighborhood but also we must have a macro view of the world and a collective commitment to the greater social good. We hope that the article “Global Education” which features the Trevor Noah Foundation makes this case and shows that we have more in common than that which divides us. In the article “Dear Anybody Who Dares to Ask the Question Why,” Fred Baldwin provides a candid reflection on life after the Civil Rights Movements of the ’40s-’60s. His candor offers insight on current trends, how we continue to move forward and what it means to actively live the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Best is Yet to Come

Between personal loss, natural disaster, and the perpetual challenges of survival, it is essential that we make space for moments of laughter, fresh air and to nurture open hearts that allow us to freely (and daily) say words such as, “Please”, “Thank You”, I’m Sorry” and “I Love You.” At Tré, we strive to celebrate our humanity and to take all these lessons to heart. We are united in that pursuit and we hope that, after reading the pieces in the following pages, you’ll be better equipped to join us.

Stephanie Coleman
Publisher / Disruptor / Life-Long Learner


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