Eclipse the Earthstar says to the world, “I NEED YOU TO LIVE.”

Eclipse the Earthstar's Anthem 'I NEED YOU TO LIVE - Tre

I NEED YOU LIVE is Eclipse the Earthstar’s message to the world. Being a military veteran, teacher, and artist, he knows the many levels despair and love may offer. As a well-traveled entertainer, he has learned to see the world in all of its lenses through his music and the universal messages he gives.

Thinking to end it all at one point in his life, he overcame these thoughts years ago only to find that recently his close friend and also veteran contemplated suicide. With quick action and persistence, he got through to his friend by saying these five words, “ I Need You to Live.”

In these colorful and uncertain times “I NEED YOU TO LIVE” is the anthem that will last for generations to come.

The Moorish American Singer sings about suicide prevention, love, and more. Tune in. More life is yet to come.

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