Jaspe Maya Moderno: Ancestral artisan work in modern fashion

Jaspe Maya Moderno, Ancestral artisan work in modern fashion


Ancient Handcraft in Modern Life

Our chat with the emerging designer brand based in Guatemala, Central America:

Q: Jaspe Maya-that is a rather unique name…can you tell us a little more of where that comes from so potential new clients in the USA can get to know you a little more ?

A: Jaspe is the beginning of a Guatemalan artisan textile called “Corte”. These textiles are our key pieces for the function of our creations. With the first knot of this canvas a story begins to weave along the loom, which tells us about love, culture, passion and admiration for life, depending on the artisan who is doing it. Each textile is created by hand for several weeks. This is how we feel about Guatemala and this is how the name Jaspe Maya was born.

Q: We see that there are a lot of beautiful colors and authentic artisanal work in your designs, where does that come from-what is the history of that?

A: The main inspiration for our designs is love; each one of these colors, of these details is carefully chosen and placed with such care that it immerses you in its magic and you feel that you are using a piece of art, culture and ancestral history of Guatemala.

Q: Who is the creative designer behind this brand?

A: Our Designer is Victoria Murga @vitto.collection is a woman, a passionate mother of art and fashion. She has more than 15 years of experience. She feels great respect and pride for life, nature and believes that Jaspe Maya Moderno exists to the help of Guatemalan women.

Q: How would you describe the style to customers encountering your work for the first time?

A: Urban Chic designed for today’s woman.

Q: We saw your work on Guatemala Fashion Week in November 2019 which is a great production! Congratulations! What is next for you in terms of projects for 2021?

A: Thank you very much, this is a collection designed for the multitasking and multiarea women that we are all now. We want to help the planet, we want to be comfortable, we want to look unique, we want to feel beautiful, we want to be bold, and we want it not to be so expensive. We also want to help others. Jaspe keeps this promise of help. Our commitment is to increase sales, in order to generate employment in Guatemala and to empower artisan women who live off their hands. We make you feel all of this. We want virtual stores and alliances in chain stores.

Q: Please tell us where people can go find you and shop from!

A: Instagram Pages in Guatemala
In Europe @inclusivetrade
In USA @mayanful


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